Who would be the audience for my media product?

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Who would be the audience for my media product? by Mind Map: Who would be the audience for my media product?

1. Age

1.1. Since our film is part of the "coming-of-age" genre, it is essential that our film appeals to people aged 13-19. This is our primary audience. Our film is aimed at this age gap because our narrative is highly relatable for teens therefore it appeals to teens. Our protagonist is also a teenager, making it even more relatable for teenagers. Our narrative also contains a hidden message, a message that mainly appeals to teens as they will be in the situation where they are struggling with work and may consider a easy way out.

1.2. Our secondary audience age gap would either be children below 13 or adults who are 20+ This is because even if the film isn't aimed at them, they are still able to learn from the films. For example, adults can learn that they should strive for their own success, and children can learn that cheating is deviant behaviour and has consequences. The film cheat may also appeal to adults as they may have experienced a similar scenario when they were teenagers. While children have experienced what it is like, the film "Cheat" can give the insight to how stressful school is.

2. Gender

2.1. Females

2.1.1. At the moment, our primary audience is females. This is because our film features a female protagonist, therefore female teens can easily relate to our protagonist. After doing research I have also found that it is females who watch more coming of age films than males. So, by appealing to females, we are also appealing the the majority of coming of age films.

2.2. Males

2.2.1. Despite women being the main audience for coming of age films, men still do watch the coming of age genre. While our films protagonist isn't a male, our film can still be slightly relatable for males. This is because our narrative it more relatable to male. While doing research, I realised that teenage boys are more likely to plagiarise work. Therefore, our narrative will mainly appeal to males.

3. Demographic

3.1. C2/D/E

3.1.1. Our primary audience for demographic is people with the demographic of C2 and lower. This is because our demographic audience is impacted by our age audience. Since our age audience is teenagers, this means our demographic is going to be low as most teenagers are still in school and work for minimum wage. This means they would fit into the demographic of c2 and lower as they are classes as "unskilled labourers."

3.2. C1/B

3.2.1. The demographic is mainly aimed at our older audience as they are more likely to have stable jobs where skill is required. This means they are involved with jobs such "white collar" jobs or in the creative industry.