Pedagogical concerns for classroom practice

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Pedagogical concerns for classroom practice by Mind Map: Pedagogical concerns for classroom practice

1. Software objectives

1.1. Program control or user control

1.2. An effective CALL environment perhaps needs to offer different interfaces or combinations of interfaces to accommodate different learning styles as appropriate to different skills

2. Establishing an environment where CALL may take place

2.1. If computer access is restricted, either in terms of time or space, then CALL will be discouraged

2.2. An environment which matches the social and interactive nature of CALL activities

2.3. An unwelcoming environment to collaboration makes learners difficult to learn

3. Making better use of existing materials

3.1. Learners examine learning materials and their strategies for approaching them--- even when the materials are not suitable

3.2. “Those who prepare the course material may learn much more than those who receive it”

4. Classroom practice

4.1. The role of the computer as a kind of virtual teacher

4.2. Limits in software being able to take the place of a teacher.

4.3. Whether the above issues will be addressed in future computer and software developments

5. Edison Fernando Yépez Gomezjurado