Ives - Mibs Sociogram

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Ives - Mibs Sociogram by Mind Map: Ives - Mibs Sociogram

1. Samson

1.1. He is Mibs' brother

1.2. He does not have a savvy yet

1.3. He has a turtle that everyone thought was dead

2. Bobbi Meeks

2.1. Her family are friends with Mibs' family

2.2. She does not have a savvy

2.3. She is the preacher's daughter

3. Poppa

3.1. He is Mibs' father

3.2. He does not have a savvy

3.3. He got in a car crash and is currently in the hospital

4. Momma

4.1. She is Mibs' mother

4.2. Her savvy is being perfect

4.3. She is currently visiting her husband in the hospital

5. Grandpa

5.1. He is Mibs' grandpa

5.2. His savvy is moving around land

5.3. He is the oldest living Beaumont

6. Lester

6.1. He is a bus driver who delivers bibles

6.2. He does not have a savvy

6.3. He has tatoos of his mom and ex-girlfriend

7. Rocket

7.1. He is Mibs' brother

7.2. His savvy is conducting electricity

7.3. He is the oldest Beaumont

8. Fish

8.1. He is Mibs' brother

8.2. His savvy is creating storms

8.3. He is about one year older than Mibs

9. Gypsy

9.1. She is Mibs' sister

9.2. She does not have a savvy yet

9.3. She is only three or four years old

10. Will Junior

10.1. He is Mibs' friend

10.2. He does not have a savvy

10.3. He is the preacher's son

11. Miss Rosemary

11.1. She is friends with the Beaumonts

11.2. She does not have a savvy

11.3. She is the preacher's wife

12. Lill

12.1. She is a waitress at a diner

12.2. She does not have a savvy

12.3. She acts like a mother to the kids