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Mobile Learning Bremen by Mind Map: Mobile Learning Bremen
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Mobile Learning Bremen

MirandaMods: How To

Connecting thoughts while listening

Learning to use mindmeister

Learning by failing and failing better :-)

Learning in Liminal Spaces

The Paper



Outdoor Learning and Digital Technologies


Learning on the beach

New node


map sticks

map sticks

nature palette


camera slide show

sound trails

augmented picture trails

collect and share

Video for Learning

A German project on video learning:

great tutorial video by tony vincent of learning in hand hope it adds to Karstens session

importance of watching video in a mobile context


which objects are adequate?

student phones vs. brick cams vs. semi-pro camcorders?

quality issues


methods of learning

model learning

4 step method (Schelten, 1995), introduce, demonstrate/explination, imitate, train without supervision

learning by reflection, capture complx reality, Pea/Lindgren dimensions, dimensions, inside outside the video, free or prompted, reflectable issues, design / pattern / evaluation ...

explanatory videos, stepwise teaching, progresison line, wallspin in 7 steps, first text to a step, then video to this step, build up the required skills step by step, music education, drumming, JOJO MAYER, visualization tools, 3d models, color coding for explaination, Spence, R. (2007) "Information Visualization" - good book on this topic, taxonomy of explanatory videos

German Buschball league

issues in filming

Presentation is on Slideshare:

New media as topic and modus of a conference