Water Wars

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Water Wars by Mind Map: Water Wars

1. 1.Term

1.1. regular access to clean water : need

1.2. clean water difficult to find

1.2.1. provokes political tension

2. 2.Who controls the water?

2.1. water taken for granted in areas less directly affected by shortage

2.2. trend for local authorities to sell off water utilities

3. 3.Which areas are at the greatest risk

3.1. North Africa, South Asia & Middle East

4. 4.How will water be used as a tool

4.1. rare : more valuable

4.2. future tool for political leverage

4.3. water terrorism

5. 5.The impact of climate change

5.1. droughts

5.2. because of scrambling for water : conflicts

6. 6.Importance of desalination

6.1. drinkable water

6.2. demand for fresh water : rising by over 160 billion gallons a year

7. 7.Current state of drinkable water

7.1. 1 in 9 people worldwide : no access to clean water

7.2. 2.5 % of water on earth is drinkable

8. 8.Issues

8.1. water conflicts in already polotically tense Middle East, Syria, Turkey and Iraq because : sharing rivers

9. 9.Factors

9.1. rising population

9.2. wealth -> use more water

10. 10.How will this end?

10.1. droughts increasing

10.2. water is the oil of our time