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1. Algebra 1

1.1. BOxAn

1.2. Chapters

1.2.1. Chapter 2 Operations in Algebra Real numbers and absolute values Adding real numbers multiplying and dividing real numbers.

1.2.2. Chapter 3 Equations Solving my adding and subracting solving two step equations solving multi-step equations using distributive property

1.2.3. Chapter 4 Proportional reasoning and statistics Using proportional reasoning percent problems graphing data

1.2.4. Chapter 5 Linear functions defining slope rate of change and direct variation the slope-intercept form the standard and point slope form parallel and perpendicular lines

1.2.5. Chapter 6 Inequalities and absolute value Solving Inequalities Multistep Inequalities Absolute-value functions

1.2.6. Chapter 8 New node

1.2.7. Chapter 9

1.2.8. Chapter 10

1.2.9. Chapter 11

1.2.10. Chapter 12

1.2.11. Chapter 13

1.3. Projects

1.3.1. Hockey Stats Mean Median Mode Range