Parent Involvement in Education

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Parent Involvement in Education by Mind Map: Parent Involvement in Education

1. The parent involvement literature

1.1. Written home-school

1.2. Communications, attending school

1.3. Parents

1.4. Homework assistance

2. Effects of parent involvement on student achievement

2.1. Parent teacher conferences

2.2. Tutoring

2.3. Home educational enrichment

3. Student attitude and behavior

3.1. Manage children behavior

3.2. Increase children efficiency

4. Middle school and secondary levels

4.1. schools are bigger and farther from home

4.2. parents get older

4.3. the curriculum is more sophisticated

5. The role of parent involvement with disadvantaged students

5.1. lack of time or energy

5.1.1. (due to long hours of heavy physical labor, for example)

5.2. embarrassment or shyness about one's own educational level or linguistic abilities

5.3. perceived lack of welcome by teachers and administrators

6. The effects of parent involvement in school governance

6.1. activity

6.1.1. parents the opportunity to take part in decision making about school programs.

6.2. School board member

6.3. Parent advisory committee

6.4. Decisions include goal setting