Factors That Affect Development

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Factors That Affect Development by Mind Map: Factors That Affect Development

1. Institutional

1.1. Millennium development goals

1.1.1. too narrow

1.1.2. focus on eradicating extreme poverty, and improve global health

1.1.3. can't be fully credited for any improvements or growth

1.1.4. looks at average-> overlooks the poorest of the poor

1.1.5. this a model for poorer countries to become

1.2. Sustainable development goals

1.2.1. universal

1.2.2. overcomes the "west lecturing the rest"

1.2.3. broader and more

1.2.4. focuses on multiple other issues like women's empowerment

2. Environmental

2.1. Natural Resources

2.1.1. A source that can be used for income such as renewable resources.

2.2. Climate

2.2.1. Poorest countries are in the tropics, scarcity of water, Land is less fertile, dieseases spread. Being at a natural disadvantage compared to others. India wants to use its natural resource to grow economically but if it does, it will add to the effects of global warming. Coal is the dirtiest fuel there is

2.2.2. In Ladakh, they are developing to climate change by making artificial glaciers These glaciers help them to conserve water so that they have some during the summer and spring to plant.

2.2.3. In Morocco, they have turned to renewable energy/power to help the farmers

2.3. Location

2.3.1. Countries can be in trade routes and have access to markets.

3. Social

3.1. Gender

3.1.1. Women are forced to stay at home, they are not independent, don't work

3.1.2. The straw hat project is helping women learn skills so that can contribute to the economy and become independent. Women are making the economy rise

3.1.3. Helps achieve worthy jobs and go against unemployment rates which is an obstacle in a country's economic Status.

3.2. Education

3.2.1. Education helps people become better citizens. Helps people become aware of the country's scenario and how to help it progress.

3.2.2. There are countires that cannot afford to educate even at a basic level.

3.2.3. Shows the importance of voting. To know who to vote for to have a positive impact on the economy of a country.

3.3. Culture

3.3.1. Discrimination and Prejudices

3.4. Health

3.4.1. Diseases can mean shorter life expectancy and can keep people from working which means no money

3.4.2. Some countries don't have access to health clinics which means if they get sick they don't have any where to go to get medical attention

4. Political

4.1. Corruption

4.1.1. money is being wasted and donors are not holding countries accountable

4.1.2. Leads to civil conflict, rebellion, and lack of trust between government and citizens

4.2. Government

4.2.1. poor management

4.2.2. in need of infrastructure and laws, and someone responsible with money

4.2.3. Peace and trust between the government and citizens can help development

4.3. Instability

5. Economic

5.1. Trade

5.1.1. encourages unity between poorer countries and nations like the US

5.1.2. More developed countries like the US benefit at the expense of the poorer countries

5.1.3. Specialization allows for everyone to make money by using the materials and natural resources they have access to

5.2. Debt

5.2.1. countries get stuck in a constant cycle of debt

5.2.2. debt relief helps HIPCs only when there are conditions, if they aren't directed on how to use the money, they wind up in the same place again

5.3. Agriculture

5.3.1. Climate change can cause droughts that don't allow farmers to water their crops.