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Best Buddies by Mind Map: Best Buddies

1. What We Offer

1.1. On this page I will provide information on how future members will be able to help the organization.

1.1.1. Info graphic: I will use an info graphic on this page to show what exactly Best Buddies offers.

1.1.2. Screen caster: I will also use a screen caster on this page that explains the info graphic.

2. Ways You Can Help

2.1. For this page I will give information, including dates, about future events regarding Best Buddies. Also explain how one can donate or volunteer.

2.1.1. Google form: I will create a google form and put it on this page so volunteers can view events with times and sign up.

3. Stories

3.1. On this page, it will include personal stories from people and students involved in the Best Buddies Organization today and how it has affected them.

3.1.1. Videos or animations: I will put together a video of people/students who have been impacted and a part of the Best Buddies Organization.

4. About

4.1. For the About page I plan to explain what influenced me to be a part of this organization and why it is so incredible

4.1.1. Graphic design or QR codes: I will print out flyers that give an overview about Best Buddies and hang them around schools and other public facilities such as libraries, fast food restaurants, etc.

5. Home

5.1. On the Home page I plan to give a brief overview of the entire organization

5.1.1. Logos: I will have the Best Buddies logo on each page of the website

5.1.2. Photo editing: I will use photo editing to enhance photos of the buddies and their peers on the home page.

6. Contact

6.1. For the Contact page I plan to give the website users phone numbers, email, office address, etc. so if they have any questions they won't have a problem getting in touch with someone. It will also include a contact page for any one who would like to receive emails or calls about the organization.

6.1.1. Social Media: I include all social media (twitter, Facebook, Instagram) that members may follow in order to stay updated.

6.1.2. App Prototype: I will create an app prototype that members can use to submit photos of them with buddies, get constant updates of events, and reminders of upcoming events.