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Anime by Mind Map: Anime

1. Home

1.1. The home page will help people understand what the website is for. And to realize that are people to help them pick the best shows the go well with there interest

1.1.1. Logo: Getting a logo that represent the anime on my website.

1.1.2. Photo Editing: Putting pictures up to represent different genres of anime so that people can get a visual view of the different genres.

1.1.3. Screencast Presentation: I will create a screen-cast video that will be a narrated walk through of how the website works.

1.1.4. Info-graphics: I will graphic images of how much the website is used in each content so that users can understand how important this website can be.

2. About

2.1. The about page will help people understand why the page was made and who helped in the creation of the page.

2.1.1. Video Project: Creating a brief video that allows website to see why and who helped in the creation of the website.

3. Contact

3.1. Contact the creator of the page and contact to people who could help you pick the best show for themselves.

3.1.1. Photo: putting picture of the creator.

3.1.2. APP Prototype: I will create an app that will allow website users to be able to contact the website's helpers to ask questions about anything the website has.

3.1.3. Graphic Design and QR Codes: I will create a poster for website users so that they will automatically receive our poster that shows what the website has and what it is for once they sign up. This poster will have a share with friend just in case they know someone who would love the website.

4. Why We Love Anime

4.1. This page will allow people to tell others why they love anime.

4.1.1. Social Media: Creating a blog that allows people to share with others on why they love anime. The users can make it privet for only friends to see or they can make it public for all anime lovers to see.

5. Manga

5.1. This page will tell people which shows are based off manga and which are not. And if any of the the shows have any fan made work on anime that are not based off of manga.

5.1.1. Photo Editing: Putting photos of the manga and then a photo of the anime showing to the website users where the anime story came from.

5.1.2. Video Project: Putting together a lot of short clips of the anime that came from a manga.

6. Reference

6.1. This page will help people to know who we got our pictures, music, and other information from.

6.1.1. Links: Showing the website users the links where the anime website got it's facts from by creating links that will take you directly to where the sources came from.

7. Resource

7.1. This page will be for people to know where are places to hangout and talk about shows or if they would like to meet and hangout with people who like the same show they like.

7.1.1. Photos: Putting pictures of the locations of where website user can meet up and talk

7.1.2. Google Maps: Using google maps to show the website users where to go to meet other website users. Clicking on the map will allow the website users to have help by listening to a voice helper to help them get to the location.

7.1.3. Google Form: I will create a survey tool to ask about the google map and the locations to see if there is anything that can be improved. I will also create a registration forms so that if there is any business like Barnes & Noble, or restaurants that would like to be a meet up place for website users to hang out at.

8. Stories

8.1. This page could help people connect with each other by telling people how and why they started with anime.

8.1.1. Social Media: Creating a blog page so that site use to share their stories. The users can make it privet for only friends to see or they can make it public for all anime lovers to see.

9. Anime Tageline: This website will be an informational website that allows people who are new to anime understand what anime is and get them started on what they need to do. It is also for people already know what anime is and would like to find more show to enjoy and find people who are like them.