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Stereotyping by Mind Map: Stereotyping
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This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


Narrowing minds

Stereotyping makes the mind of those who stereotype mentally lazy and lethargic in their assessment of other people.

Offense to the stereotyped

Stereotyping not only offends the victims, but it can lead to discrimination and segregation against them.

Untrue typecasts

When stereotypes are false (which they frequently are), those falsehoods get spread through a population and cast the victims in a negative light, even when they don't warrant the undue suffering.


Being skeptical of generalizations

Being aware of the stereotypes we subscribe to

Can lead to discrimination




Can lead to close-mindedness

It is in your own best interest to dispel stereotypes, even when you are not a suffering group; they make one close-minded and less observant, assuming we already know everything about a person's nature based on their social creed or race.

What I learned

Stereotyping are detrimental to those who engage in it as well as the victims.