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1. Functions

1.1. i) managing files

1.2. ii) search files

1.3. iii) view images

1.4. iv) secure computer from unauthorized access

1.5. v) uninstall programs

1.6. vi) scan disks

1.7. vii) defragment disks

1.8. viii) back up files / disks

1.9. ix) set up screen savers

2. Utility Program / Utility

2.1. type of system software

2.2. perform maintenance-type tasks

3. Examples

3.1. Uninstaller

3.1.1. removes programs

3.1.2. deletes files and folders from the hard disk

3.1.3. removes program entries form the system files

3.2. Disk Scanner

3.2.1. search / remove unnecessary files

3.2.2. WINDOWS VISTA disk scanner utility Disk Cleanup

3.3. Disk Defragmenter

3.3.1. recognizes files

3.3.2. recognizes unused space on a computer's hard disk

3.4. Diagnostic Utility

3.4.1. compiles technical information

3.4.2. prepares a report outlining any identified problems

4. Examples

4.1. Backup Utility

4.1.1. copy files

4.1.2. back up files compress / shrink the files during back up process

4.1.3. selected files

4.1.4. entire hard disk to another sotorage medium CD DVD external hard disk tape USB flash drive

4.2. Screen Saver

4.2.1. display device's screen show a moving image or blank screen if no keyboard or mouse activity occurs

5. Examples

5.1. File Manager

5.1.1. performs functions related to file management

5.1.2. organizing files in folder copying renaming deleting moving sorting

5.1.3. Folder a specific named location on a storage medium contains related documents

5.2. Search Utility

5.2.1. locate a file based on criteria word/s contain in a file date created or modified size of the file location of file file name author/artist other similar properties

5.2.2. look through documents pictures music other files

5.3. Image Viewer

5.3.1. display

5.3.2. copy

5.3.3. print

5.4. Personal Firewall

5.4.1. detects / protects personal computer