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Diploma by Mind Map: Diploma
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HIgher Level


assessed, Investigation workbooks, 1. respond to and analyse critically and contextually the function, meaning and artistic qualities of past, present and emerging art, using the specialist vocabulary of visual arts 2. develop and present independent ideas and practice, and explain the connections between these and the work of others 3. explore and develop ideas and techniques for studio work through integrated contextual study and first-hand observations 4. develop and maintain a close relationship between investigation and a purposeful, creative process in studio work, Candidate booklet made from the Research book, internally marked by the Teacher, Moderator commented on by the Examiner on its accuracy in representing the Research Books 40%, Candidate statement, 30 selected pages from the research book that reflects the scope of the criteria studied, samples of the studio work photographed and properly named, titled etc, Photo of the student in their exhibition, Studio, Externally assessed by the visiting examiner 60%, Criteria, 5. produce personally relevant works of art that reveal evidence of exploration of ideas that reflect cultural and historical awareness 6. develop and demonstrate technical competence and artistic qualities that challenge and extend personal boundaries (option A) and technical competence and self-direction (option B).

Standard Level, we offer. Instead of 6 periods a week is 4 periods a week. Teach towards the HL and the SL will look after itself.

Option B, we do not offer but we could switch a student in the last year if the student has Research Books much stronger than the studio work. Book becomes 60% and the Studio becomes 40%