What have you learned from your audience feedback?

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What have you learned from your audience feedback? by Mind Map: What have you learned from your audience feedback?

1. Final Music video

1.1. Positive Feedback:

1.1.1. It was said during the comments that the narrative was very clear

1.1.2. The use of different locations was good for example the scenes with the mirrors in the Olympic Park

1.1.3. The fast cuts to the beat of the audio throughout the video was visually appealing

1.2. Negative Feedback

1.2.1. We should've used more locations

1.2.2. Lighting for certain clips in the video could have been better and improved

1.2.3. For the narrative sections of the video we should've used a clearer narrative so the 'let me explain' could've been added to a scene in which the artist actually did his girl wrong, e.g he could've been caught cheating or doing something wrong as it wasn't clear what he actually did to the girl, so the narrative could've been improved.

1.2.4. The last scene was too bright compared to the rest of the video as well as the the scenes in the studio were the artist was sitting in the studio. It was advised that we should have added more blue when editing to make it less bright.

2. Print Product Feedback; I managed to get some feedback on my print products from a different range of people.

2.1. Marcelino: Said that my print products look professional with the picture that i used on it and the fact that the name of the artist and the title of the song are displayed on the cover. On the magazine advert the use of the Itunes and Spotify logos etc made it looks professional. Also the colours used on all products contrasted well with the pictures making it look good.

2.2. Junior: Said that the print products all together go well and look professional however the text on the inside cover of the album case was hard to read because it was read and didn't contrast well with the picture in the background.

2.3. Edward: Said that he liked the magazine advert and thought that the black and white colour effect was creative, however the words are too squashed and should've been spread out a bit more.

2.4. Rochelle said: that she liked how i used the partial black and white effect throughout the print products as it links to the scenes in the video. She also liked how i used i used logos on the advert of the place the album would be available in and on. However on the insert and cd she thought that the positioning of the text should have been changed so it doesn't take over the most of the picture and the text on the CD should've been smaller so the song title could fit nicely. Lastly she like the image i used on the front cover as it portrayed the emotions the artist feels in the song and on the back the text was stretched a bit too much.

3. Throughout the coursework we were provided with various ways to get feedback through screenings and focus groups. These are some of the feedbacks I received for each pitch and final products for both the Music Video and Print Products.

4. Rough Copy Pitch

4.1. General feedback

4.1.1. The editing for the song seemed to be quite hard as the song was so slow, we really had to add some visual interests like the "tsk" wriggle effect during the rapid drum beat repetition and the cuts between scenes. During feedback we were asked to add more of this effect to make it more visually effective.

4.2. Negative feedback

4.2.1. The colour of some of the scenes were a bit dark and miscoloured, so during feedback we were asked to change the colour of some of the scenes using different effects and change the saturation and contrast to make it the correct colour. This was due to the fact that some scenes like the studio ones were quite yellowish due to the lighting, while others were bright as we had already started editing them

4.3. Positive feedback

4.3.1. Target audience understood the concept of the music and why some scenes are black and white.

4.3.2. The viewers said that the narrative flows well with the lyrics of the song.

4.3.3. We used a great range of locations for our music video, especially the location in the Olympic Park with the mirrors.

4.3.4. The wriggle effect used during the drum beat repetition was good

5. Music Video Pitch

5.1. Negative Feedback:

5.1.1. Storyline explained for the video is too brief

5.1.2. -Chosen song was too repetitive

5.1.3. We were told to think about the potential props to use to enhance the narrative

5.1.4. Party Scene maybe hard to shoot as lots of actors will be required and it may go wrong because people might mess around

5.2. Positive Feedback

5.2.1. Use the TV studio in order to do the lip sync dance scenes

5.2.2. Following this feedback we then later decided to switch the song and choose another one as this song wasn't working out for us and the actors were unreliable. However we weren't able to receive feedback

5.3. However this song didn't exactly work out for us, so we decided to change the song to something else that we thought would work. We took some of the feedback from this pitch to help us with the new song and video. For example not using too many people for the video as not everyone is reliable, so we only decided to use 2 actors whereas with this song we were using about 10 including dancers.

6. Print product pitch

6.1. Negative Comments:

6.1.1. Having a full body or mid-shot for the front cover of a magazine isn't common.

6.2. General Comments:

6.2.1. To think of the different possible fonts to use for the artists name and song name.

6.2.2. To think about the locations i was going to use for the photoshoots as they should be similar for the different scenes we used in the actual music video and not to just use the photography studio.