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Adjectives by Mind Map: Adjectives

1. Superlative adjectives

1.1. We use the superlative form of the adjectives to talk about the extremes

1.1.1. One syllable the + adjective + -est The fittest The biggest The nicest The hoottest The best The worst

1.1.2. End in -y the + adjective + -iest The prettiest The friendliest The funniest

1.1.3. Two or more syllables The most + adjective The most exciting The most tiring The most expensive The most difficult

2. Comparative adjectives

2.1. We use a comparative adjective + than to compare two or more things

2.1.1. One syllable Adjective + -er Older Cheaper Lighter Colder Better Worse

2.1.2. End in -y Adjective end "y" change this letter for -ier Noisier Heavier Easier Prettier

2.1.3. Two or more syllables More + adjective More modern More popular More interesting More crowded