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Cooking by Mind Map: Cooking

1. Recipes

1.1. What are the most common recipes around the world?

1.2. How many recipes are there in the whole world?

1.3. How do you create your own recipe from scratch?

1.4. What are some recipes around the world?

2. Caffeine

2.1. What kind of soda has the most caffeine in it?

2.2. What is a normal size of caffeine?

2.3. What are some health benefits of caffeine?

2.4. What are some of caffeine's downsides?

3. Utensils

3.1. How much are utensils?

3.2. What are some different types of utensils?

3.3. How much are silver utensils?

3.4. How much are plastic utensils?

4. Food

4.1. What are some different kinds of food around the world?

4.1.1. How much does Mcdonalds make a year?

4.2. About 70% of olive oil being sold is not actually pure olive oil.

4.3. The most expensive pizza in the world costs $12,000 and takes 72 hours to make.