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Beauty cosmetics galore by Mind Map: Beauty cosmetics galore

1. About

1.1. This brand has been founded since 2017 born in Canada and inspired by her Arabian ethnicity, Salma decided to open up beautycosmeticsgalore internationally to give countries an exposure of all the different type of makeup brands one can imagine

1.1.1. Canvas/QR: I will create posters that gives an overview of BCG. I will work with a good marketing team to distribute and advertise BCG posters

2. Contact

2.1. Contact beautycosmeticsgalore at 323 E veterans way, AZ, Tempe 85281, [email protected], 564-8765-9864

2.1.1. App prototype: I will create an app prototype so that people can view and purchase cosmetic products

3. customer service

3.1. For our customer service inquires feel free to email [email protected]

4. FQA

4.1. Our website offers frequently asked questions to answer any questions that our consumers may be concerned with.

5. Home

5.1. My home page is a brief overview of BCG. It has all the most crucial information. This includes everything we offer in depth. The fundamental purpose of this homepage is to

5.1.1. Video Project: I will create a video that consists of makeup/beauty artists applying the products on the models chosen for the videos.

5.1.2. Logo: I will have BCG logo on every page of my website.

5.1.3. Photo Editing: I will use photo editing to enhance my images of various beauty products on the home page.

6. BCG: Introducing endless beauty products to all beauty lovers

7. What we offer

7.1. Our beauty cosmetics offer the most luxurious qualities of makeup, offering all varieties of products, whether it is Tartlet, too faced, Lancome, YSL, Armani, and whatever your eyes desire

7.1.1. Piktochart: Information about the various products/services offered by BCG.

7.1.2. Screencast: I will create a screencast that shows visitors the site how to use BCG app

8. Why pick us

8.1. We offer a wide range of beauty cosmetics, and what makes us distinct from other brands,

8.1.1. Google Form: I will create a google form where consumers can submit a survey based on their satisfaction with BCG

9. More information

9.1. For more information about beautycosmeticsgalore, you can sign up via email as shown on the official website. This updates you on our launches and releases of our new products and restocks. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to find out more about our products.

10. Stories

10.1. This page will be a blog that gives you tips on how to apply our products and review products offered by BCG. Blog posts will consist of articles, videos, and images

10.1.1. Social media: I will create a blog. The blog will consist of the experiences of our customers.