Uses for the iPad in class

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Uses for the iPad in class by Mind Map: Uses for the iPad in class

1. Carol M's group

1.1. to have myob app in future

1.2. Taking attendance

1.3. Calculators & data for finance

1.4. starter questions - Ask questions about what they were supposed to read before classs

1.5. In class testing eg mini quiz

1.6. Bring iBook to class

1.7. Order coffee and lunch in class

1.8. Collaboration with other staff

2. Dawn's group

2.1. Access resources

2.2. Videos

2.3. Data viualisation for stats

2.4. Blogging

2.5. Group questions and ans

3. Carol H's group

3.1. Accounting standards

3.2. Ebooks

3.3. Instant student feedback

3.4. Downloading data for stats

3.5. Legislation access

3.6. Online databases

3.7. Group work with collated feedback

3.8. Collaborative options

3.9. No printing

4. Keith's group

4.1. Entry polling

4.2. Small group demos

4.3. Interactive quiz

4.4. Mind mapping

4.5. Small group work

4.6. Run competitions

4.7. Download and read PDF (incl. Textbook material)