Acceleration: Chapter 26

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Acceleration: Chapter 26 by Mind Map: Acceleration: Chapter 26

1. Exposition

1.1. Characters

1.1.1. Jumbo

1.1.2. Red

1.1.3. Vinny

1.1.4. Duncan

1.2. Setting

1.2.1. Mall

1.2.2. subway

1.2.3. Toronto

1.3. Mood/Tone

1.3.1. mystery

1.3.2. creeped out

1.3.3. excited

1.4. Possible Events

1.4.1. Red or Jumbo will chase D or V

1.4.2. D or V might catch R or J

2. Rising Action:

2.1. Duncan following Jumbo

2.2. Duncan sees Jumbo walk up to the girl

2.3. Duncan thinks that Jumbo is going to hurt the girl.

3. Plot Prediction:

3.1. Vinnie and Duncan are going to find out who Roach is. Vinny or Duncan get caught by roach

4. Climax

4.1. Jumbo grabbed the girl and kissed her.

5. Conflict

5.1. Duncan vs. Vinny Duncan is worried about Vinny's safety, because he doesn't have a phone

5.2. R and J vs. V and D

6. Resolution

6.1. They did not have any luck finding Roach

6.2. Duncan and Vinny were not in danger.

7. Falling Action:

7.1. Duncan's nervous because he doesn't know what's happening to Vinny.

7.2. Duncan is riding the subway, talking to himself, trying not to think bad things

8. Plot Summary

8.1. Vinny and Duncan follow Red and Jumbo from the Mall. Duncan follows Jumbo until he says him kissing his girlfriend. Duncan is worried about Vinny, because Red might be the killer. Duncan rides the subway waiting for Vinny to call. Vinny finally calls and Red has a wife, kids, and a little dog.