Artist Repertoire

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Artist Repertoire by Mind Map: Artist Repertoire

1. True Message/Big Idea

1.1. Reason for presentation

1.1.1. To get company to recognize artistry in the LGBTQ community

1.1.2. Give company my vision to create the LGBTQ tour

1.1.3. get company to understand the uniqueness of a different branding of LGBTQ music

1.2. What results do I want?

1.2.1. Bring LGBTQ concerts to different cities nationwide/worldwide

1.2.2. make the LGBTQ community mainstream

1.3. What do I want audience do to do after watching presentation?

1.3.1. remember me

1.3.2. talk about my visions

1.3.3. have discussion of bringing me onto the team to deliver my ideas and skills to the company

2. Presentation Flow

2.1. Beginning

2.1.1. Talk about how I will resonate with the audience ask audience to pull out money, look at it,ask what color it is, then ask can the LGBTQ put this "green" in your pocket?

2.1.2. Talk about yourself and experieces Already work with LGBBTQ community event promote/plannerr artist development with independent artists, producers and sing writers created network events for singers, rappers, spoken word, and song writers

2.2. Middle

2.2.1. Why am I a qualified candidate/ ability to strategize within the industry as well as current business trends marketing skills-tv,print,radio, all modern technolgy Microsoft Excel formatting spread sheets creating charts analyze entertainment/business data able to launch start up business ability to write proposals business finance time value of money capital bugeting business valuato risk management personal finance can determine musical vision ability to negotiate contracts

2.3. End

2.3.1. What do I want to accomplish in the industry Making company different from other companies with LGBTQ artist having LGBTQ tours with company backing become the #1 A&R representative


3.1. Keep repeating $800 billion a year, which is what the LGBTQ community spends annually on products

3.2. So why aren't we tapping into this industry/

4. Targeted Audience

4.1. Executive Board

4.1.1. Am i worthy to work for the company?

4.1.2. What skills and guidelines is the company looking for?

4.1.3. What ca i bring to the table to help company grow?

4.2. What do i have in common with company?

4.2.1. talent scouting for musicians, song writers, producers, composers

4.2.2. promotion of artist music

4.2.3. marketing strategies

4.2.4. branding artists

4.2.5. giving artists a business mindset

4.3. What do they find interesting in this company?

4.3.1. artist development

4.3.2. getting distribution deals; trending what is current and popular

4.3.3. talented artists such as musicians, songwriters, producers, composers,

4.3.4. team players that have leadership skills in the business

4.3.5. publishing/copyrights for artist

4.3.6. signing talented artist to the label

4.3.7. create relationships with artists

4.4. Why do I find them interesting?

4.4.1. founded in 1947

4.4.2. sister to Electa Records-2004

4.4.3. one of the first record labels to sign black artist in jazz and rhythm & blues Ray Charles The Drifters Otis Redding Aretha Franklin

4.4.4. Has the same CEO since 2005 until present-Craig Kallman

4.4.5. Currently have some of the biggest trending artist Missy Elliott Bruno Mars Flo Rida Wiz Khalifa Janelle Monae

4.4.6. One of the first independent labels to make recordings in stereo with engineer Tom Dowd 1953-first label to issue commercial LPs recorded early

4.5. What skills/qualities does this industry look for?

4.5.1. mid and up-tempo songs

4.5.2. lyrical vocals with top notch production

4.5.3. engaging melodies

4.5.4. attention grabbing hooks

4.5.5. appealing storyline that's relatable and paints a picture in words

4.5.6. great engineering

4.5.7. passion fo music

4.5.8. leadership

4.6. Of the strategies and techniques , which will be the most valuable for you to develop and use to appeal to your industry?

4.6.1. resonate- bring the audience in; make them listen to your story

4.6.2. STAR moment-what makes me different

4.6.3. using my voice levels- knowing when to speak loudly or softer or excited

4.7. Of

5. Future Self

5.1. How are you unique?

5.1.1. I would like to bring a different feel to the industry- LBGTQ artists 226.38 million LGBTQ in the world all research gathered from LGBTQ make 10 % more trips to the register than straight people (Nielsen Team) Apple and Google openly support LGBTQ 55% would do business if they found support

5.2. What qualities do you bring that are different?

5.2.1. I am a lesbian already working with the LGBTQ community in the independent music scene songwriters singers rappers engineers producers

5.2.2. Leadership

5.3. How will you excel in your industry

5.3.1. Bring an LGBTQ tour to cities across the world with all genre

5.3.2. remain business oriented

5.3.3. keep creating new ideas for the industry to create more income

5.3.4. always remain coachable-willing to learn

5.3.5. keep up with the latest trends

5.3.6. listening skills for scouting artists

5.3.7. marketing print television radio all modern technology product distribution target segmentation

5.3.8. able to launch start up business

5.4. Hardware and Software skills

5.4.1. mastered microsoft excel formatting spread sheets select appropriate chart types analyze entertainment-business data

5.5. What is your specialty as you finish your degree?

5.5.1. ability to determine a musical vision, tone and style that best suits the project

5.5.2. identify, supervise and identify composers, songwriters, recording artists, musicians, producers

5.5.3. ability to negotiate with talent representation to obtain necessary clearances

5.5.4. ability to develop artists tour safety guidelines contract riders unions staff equipment booking daily tour schedules

5.5.5. ability to write proposals

5.5.6. ability to create production plan

5.5.7. ability to create relationship with artists, launch their career path and sustain career

5.5.8. manage contracts

5.5.9. ability to understand business law

5.6. What are your unique interest?

5.6.1. talent scouting of musicians, producers, songwriters

5.6.2. promotion

5.6.3. marketing-tv, print, social media

5.7. What potential portfolio projects, goals, or internships?

5.7.1. portfolio digital portfolio-explore, build, & assess professional brand identity

5.7.2. Internship at Atlantic Records

5.7.3. LGBTQ concert tour