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ABM-A Subjects by Mind Map: ABM-A Subjects

1. Statistics and Probabilities

1.1. Application of normal curve concepts

1.2. Mean, Median, and Mode

1.3. A normal distribution is bell-shaped

2. Empowerment Technologies

2.1. I learned to use Photoshop

2.2. Technological advancements made our works easier

2.3. Respect one's rights in using a computer or any gadgets

3. Business Mathematics

3.1. Performing operations on fractions

3.2. Computing mark-up based on cost and selling price

3.3. Basic formula that shows relationship of base, rate, and percentages

4. Organization and Management

4.1. Different levels of management

4.2. Managing resources effectively and efficiently

4.3. Planning and Organizing

5. Physical Science

5.1. Importance of Physical Science

5.2. Materials science and Engineering

5.3. Biomolecules

6. Fundamentals of Accounting

6.1. Assets, Liabilities, and Owner's equity must be always balance

6.2. Financial Statement is the final output of accountants

6.3. Importance of adjusting journal entries

7. Filipino 2

7.1. Application of concepts is important

7.2. There are a lot of texts of different kinds, used in reading materials

7.3. A research study aims to find solutions to problems

8. English 2

8.1. Techniques in selecting and organizing

8.2. Steps in writing an article critique

8.3. Skills in Reading and Writing

9. Physical Education

9.1. Badminton

9.2. Different grips used in Badminton

9.3. Importance of Physical Education