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Cyberculture and the future based on From Counterculture to Cyberculture (Fred Turner) by Mind Map: Cyberculture and the future based on From
Counterculture to Cyberculture (Fred
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Cyberculture and the future based on From Counterculture to Cyberculture (Fred Turner)

where we come from

Norbert Wiener


Vannevar Bush

As we may think

Douglas Engelbart

mother of all demos, augmentation research center, funded by ARPA, information processing techniques office, internet

experiments with LSD, visiting communes

Joseph C.R. Licklider

man-computer symbiosis

Paul Ehrlich

ecology, evolutionary biology

Marshall McLuhan

The Gutenberg Galaxy, global village

Understanding Media, extension of central nervous system

Buckminster Fuller

design, architecture, speeches, Spaceship Earth, geodesic domes

Ideas and Integreties, Comprehensive Designer


John Perry Barlow

declaration of the indpendence of cyberspace

Esther Dyson

Release 2.0

Kevin Kelly

New Rules for the New Economy

Stewart Brand

Whole Earth Network, small scale tech, individual consciousness, enterpreneurial work, heterarchical social organization, disembodied community is achievable, mobile, flexible, masculine

Trips Festival

Space colonies

George Bateson

Material world as info system


Homebrew computer club


Jacques Ellul

The technological society

John Kenneth Galbraith

The new industrial state

Herbert Marcuse

One-dimensional man

Lewis Mumford

The myth of the machine

Theodore Roszak

The making of a counterculture

Charles Reich

The Greening of America


New Left

reaction against cold war, nuclear threat

Civil Rights movement

New Communalists

Beat poetry and fiction

Zen Buddhism

Action Painting

Psychedelic drugs

Sexuality, but: reproduction of traditional gender relations in a New Frontier phantasy


Technology, tools for liberation, but: primarily white

Hardware evolution

small computers


keyboard-based interfaces

individual usability


Project Ideas

timeline, using videos

screencast of installation in second life


diigo social bookmarks

group discussions in chat, forum, in second life

newspaper article

question: would a machinima video be feasible?

near future literature

bruce sterling

dark euphoria

gothic high tech


vernor vinge

rainbows end

charles stross

halting state

gary shyteyngart

super sad true love story

cory doctorow

for the win

ian mcdonald

dervish house

classical movies

blade runner


Games, virtual environments

second life


hangars liquides

steampunk, new babbage

my project lab

final fantasy VII

Where to go

Is everything becoming cyber?


augmented reality



data explosion

the apocalyptic version

the end of privacy, Edward Snowden, UK, China, VS

The future doesn't need us

drones, extrajudical killings, autonomuóus executions by drones

cognitive computing

extended mind