Annuities for Retirement

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Annuities for Retirement by Mind Map: Annuities for Retirement

1. What is an Annuity?

1.1. to MindMeister for iPhone!

1.2. This is your first local mind map

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2. What are the Disadvantages?

2.1. Create, view and edit mind maps online and offline

2.2. Share maps with friends

2.3. Sync your online maps

2.3.1. create a free MindMeister account in "Account" (if you don't yet have one)

2.4. Insert Geistesblitzes

3. Uses

3.1. Monthly Income

4. What are the Advantages?

4.1. Press + to insert ideas

4.2. Pinch to zoom in and out

4.3. Double-tap to edit ideas

4.4. Drag & drop to rearrange

4.5. Changes are saved automatically when you exit the map editor or application