Ottoman Empire

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Ottoman Empire by Mind Map: Ottoman Empire

1. Reform Late 1700s

1.1. Sultan Selim III

1.2. Reorganize and update army

1.3. Tanzimat

1.3.1. Factories: Cloth, Paper & Arms

1.3.2. Modern mining Operations

1.3.3. steam ships

1.3.4. Modern Postal Service

1.3.5. Western style law code & courts

1.3.6. News schools compete with Islamic schools

1.3.7. Equal right under law for Muslim & non-Muslims More Opportunities for Christians appointed to high officals

1.4. Supporters

1.4.1. Young Ottomans Who were they Lower level officials Military officers Writers/ poets & Journalists Did not have a lot of success Opposed Tyrannical rule Religious law View "Turkish nation state" 1908 Successful military coup Reforms Wanted Secularization or schools, laws & Courts Turkish - Official Language Modern schools for Women Women could divorce

1.4.2. New secular state

1.4.3. European style democratic, constitutional Government Fix "Backwardness"

1.4.4. Islamic Modernization Muslims embrace Western ytechnology and scientific knowledge Reject: materialism

1.5. Defensive Modernization

1.5.1. Beginning more successful lack of internal upheaval No rebellion at the center leader - culturally simiar

2. Problems

2.1. Territorial Losses

2.1.1. European aggression EX: 1798 Napoleon's invasion of Egypt

2.1.2. Nationalism movements EX: Greece, Bulgaria & Romainia

2.1.3. Independence movements

2.2. Weak economy

2.2.1. Europeans had access to Asian trade

2.2.2. Competition from cheap European goods

2.2.3. Unbalanced agreements with Europeans Some Europeans exempt from taxes

2.2.4. Relied on foreign loan Unable to pay back