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CPTS by Mind Map: CPTS
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This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


M01 - Business and Technical Logistics of PT

Types of Hackers

Types of attacks

Functionality, and Ease of Use Triangle

Security testing - hint: boxes

Passive information gathering

Active information gathering

Attack Phases

Elements of Security

M02 - Information Gathering

Passive Information Gathering

Competitive Intelligence Gathering

Social Engineering

M03 - Linux Fundamentals

M04 - Detecting Live Systems


M05 - Reconnaissance

NetBIOS null sessions

Banner grabbing

Tools to enumerate a system

Data retrievable with Enumeration

M07 - Vulnerability Assessments

M08 - Malware - Software Goes Undercover

Trojans & Backdoors


Denial of Service

Virus and Worms

M09 - Windows Hacking

M10 - Advanced Vulnerability & Exploitation Techniques

M12 - Networks -Sniffing - IDS



M13 - Attacking Databases

M14 - Attacking Web Technologies

Web Based Password Cracking

M15 - Documentation

M11 - Attacking Wireless Networks

Wireless vs Wired networks

Types of Wireless Networks

Advantages of Wireless Network

Disadvantages of Wireless Network

Wireless Standards

Related tech and Carrier netowkrs



Authentication modes

WEP Encryption


New node