How can we work for the Good of Society?

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How can we work for the Good of Society? by Mind Map: How can we work for the Good of Society?

1. Role of Citizens

1.1. Contributing to needs of society

1.1.1. Individuals volunteering eg. animal welfare, needy in Singapore, etc.

1.1.2. Organised groups Formal groups (NGOs, VWOs) Informal groups

1.2. Influencing government decisions

1.2.1. Individuals Citizen engagement (OSC)

1.2.2. Organised groups Refine government policies, point to areas which require more attention

1.3. Strengthening citizens' sense of belonging

1.3.1. Feedback on societal issues

2. Role of Government

2.1. Maintaining internal order and external security

2.1.1. Internal Security (MHA)

2.1.2. External Security (MINDEF)

2.1.3. External Security (MFA)

2.2. Ensuring justice

2.3. Providing goods and services for the public

2.3.1. Eg. Public transport

2.3.2. Eg. Education

2.4. Safeguarding interests of citizens

2.4.1. Eg. CPF, retirement

2.4.2. Eg. Employment rights amongst low-wage workers