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Slums by Mind Map: Slums

1. What do slums do

2. Who are slums

2.1. Half or 12 million people live in slums or bad structured buildings.

2.2. Slums are people who can't afford homes

2.3. 30,000 families live on pavements

2.4. Slums are urben street people by very poor people

3. Where are slums existing

3.1. India - mumbai

3.2. Africa

3.3. colonia - U.S.

3.4. east end of London

3.5. India - Deli

3.6. India - Deli

3.7. Shanghai has turned into a slum warzone where a lot of slums started appearing.

3.8. Koralli is the largest slum places in Bangladesh

4. how do slums live

4.1. Most slums only live on $2 - $5 a day

5. Why are slums existing

6. What challenges do slums face

6.1. climate change