Cancer Cytogenetics

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Cancer Cytogenetics by Mind Map: Cancer Cytogenetics

1. If chromo del- likely del TS or miRNA that targets oncogene transcripts

2. Solid Tumors

2.1. Lymphoma. 90% are B cell

2.1.1. Nonhodgkins Lymphoma Mature Peripheral B cell CA Follicular Lymphoma Burkitts Lymphoma MALT ALK+ Lg B cell Lymphoma Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma, aka - CLL Mantle Cell MM MGUS Precursor B cell B-ALL

2.1.2. HodgkinsLymphoma= Reed Sternberg Cells

3. Blood CA

3.1. Leukemia - (11q23 rearrangements are prominent - MLL gene)

3.1.1. Acute ALL Poor Px: t(9;22), 11q23, Hyperdiploidy. Good Px: 12;21, & hyperdiploidy. t(1;19) is another subtype AML Good Px w/ t(15;17), inv 16, t(8;21), Poor Px = Inv 3, t(6;9), t(9;11)

3.1.2. 5 q abnlty MDS 50% w/ cytogeneitc chnages BM blasts @ < 20%, but somewhat hypercellular Good Px = nl karyotype, Y-, 5q del, 20q del. Don't always have 5q- Childhood MDS-Monosomy 7 worse Px then +8 or nl karyotype 5q Syndrome del of 5q as only abnlty Females have good Px, hypo or nl marrow cellularity blasts <5%

3.1.3. Chronic CLL -6, -11, -13 (inc freq), -17 (p53 on this chromo - worst Px) CML Philidelphia Chromosome t(9;22)- ABL/BCR Gleevec

4. Solid Tumors

4.1. Small Round Cell tumors

4.1.1. Lymphoma

4.1.2. Neuroblastoma

4.1.3. PNET/Ewing Sarcoma Sarcoma = CA arising from Muscle, bone, fat, fibrous tissue, PNS, & Vessels 85% of Ewing tunors w/ t(11;22)--> oncogenic chimera...

4.1.4. Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) Mesechymal tumor, varying degrees of striated muscle differentiation E-RMS = Embryonal A-RMS= Alveolar

4.1.5. Synovial Sarcoma t(X;18)& SSX1, SS18, SSX2, SSX4

4.1.6. Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor t(11;22)

4.1.7. Clear Cell Sarcoma t(12;22)

4.2. Liposarcoma

4.2.1. Mixoid Round Cell Liposarcoma t(12;16)

4.3. Low Grade Fibromixoid Sarcoma

4.3.1. t(7;16)

4.4. ExtraSkeletal Myxoid Chondrosarcoma

4.4.1. t(9;22)NR4A3 / EWSR1