the sniper vs. Just lather, that's all

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the sniper vs. Just lather, that's all by Mind Map: the sniper vs. Just lather, that's all

1. setting

1.1. June in 1923.

1.2. Dublin

2. plot

2.1. beginning

2.1.1. At the beginning of the story, the writer told us about the civil war started between the Free and Republican Staters. Then talked about the sniper who was hide on the roof.

2.2. rising action

2.2.1. The rising action is the battle between the enemies and the sniper himself. When he was ready to smoke, the enemies discovered the sniper and shot him. But the sniper killed the woman at last.

2.3. climax

2.3.1. When the sniper finally kills his enemy, after being wounded and killing all the other enemies.

2.4. falling action

2.4.1. The sniper was ready to go and see his commander to give a report.

2.5. ending

2.5.1. He discovered the truth of his target that he killed was his brother.

3. character

3.1. the sniper

3.1.1. He is the Republican sniper and also a brave guy, because he successfully kills all three targets while under the fire.

4. literary devices

4.1. personification:"but his eyes had the cold gleam of the fanatic...deep and thoughtful."

4.2. Imagery:"Dublin laid enveloped in darkness...the dilm light of the moon shone through the fleecy clouds.

5. theme

5.1. From this story show us how cruel the war is, the sniper killed his brother in this civil war. So we can know that a war can destroy a family.

6. conflict

6.1. person vs. person

6.1.1. The civil war happened between the Free and Republican Staters show us the conflict between person and person

6.2. person vs. self

6.2.1. The sniper was thinking about if he could see the corpse of the other sniper that he killed.

7. setting

7.1. barber shop

7.2. early 1900's

8. plot

8.1. beginning

8.1.1. At the beginning of the story, the Captain Torres walked into the barber shop. And he just wanted the barber gave him a shave.

8.2. rising action

8.2.1. After that, they talked about the rebels. At the same time, the barber started to tremble when he gave the shave for Captain Torres. When the razor touched Torres' face, he started to thinking if he could kill Torres.

8.3. climax

8.3.1. After a while, the barber decided not to kill Torres, because he thought he was a good barber or not a killer.

8.4. falling action

8.4.1. The barber almost finished shaving for Torres

8.5. ending

8.5.1. When the Captain Torres ready to leave, he told the barber that he know the barber was one of the rebels and also know he wants to kill him. At last, he said killing in not easy.

9. characters

9.1. the barber

9.1.1. He felt nervous and afraid about something. Because when he saw Torres he started to tremble, he knew that was his enemy.

9.2. the Captain Torres

9.2.1. He had his courage to face difficult problems. When he walked into the barber shop, he had already know the barber wanted to kill him.

10. conflict

10.1. person vs. person

10.1.1. The barber was one of the rebels, it means that he was the Torres' enemy, so here reveal the barber vs. the Captain Torres.

10.2. person vs. self

10.2.1. The barber cannot decide if he will bring himself to killing Torres. he hesitated about his decision.

11. literary devices

11.1. simile:"The skin would give way like silk, like rubber, like the strop."

11.2. Metaphor:" He slit his throat while he was shaving him a coward."

12. theme

12.1. From this story we know the theme is that murder is hard and revenge will never end once it begins. And everyone need courage to do the difficult thing that he want to do.