SAP Streamwork and MindMeister

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SAP Streamwork and MindMeister by Mind Map: SAP Streamwork and MindMeister

1. Streamwork is:

1.1. a collaborative decision making process soultion

1.1.1. People

1.1.2. Information

1.1.3. Proven Business Methodology

1.2. It seeks to:

1.2.1. Get everyone on the same page

1.2.2. Share documents and data all in plain view

1.2.3. Provide structure with tools for brainstorming and decision-making

1.3. All inclusive solution

1.3.1. No need to leave the application Start a meeting with WebEx Share notes and images with Evernote Start a new activity via email

1.3.2. Both company insiders and external collaborators can be invited to a Streamworks project

1.4. A results catalyst

1.4.1. Move from collaboration to action

1.4.2. Give structure to discussions

1.4.3. Create a collective view with embedded business tools

1.4.4. Make the best decisions by ensuring your group works from the same information

1.4.5. Collectively analyze with intuitive data exploration and visualization

2. Installation:

2.1. Tools Catalogue

2.2. Partner Tools

2.3. MindMeister mind mapping

3. MindMeister is:

3.1. A visual way of thinking

3.1.1. A way to condense large amounts of information into easily manageable amounts that can be quickly recognized

3.1.2. 80% - 90% of all information we receive is visual

3.1.3. Cavemen chose to paint as a method of communication and meaning

3.1.4. In today's world, we use diagrams, maps, icons, etc. to simplify complex data in order to understand it, and act accordingly

3.1.5. Entire industries; Design, Marketing, Advertising - are all based on visual presentation and the associated cognitive response

3.2. A tool to enable "The Big Picture"

3.2.1. When mired in details it's often easy to lose sight of the overall goal Mind mapping breaks these details down into their own silos, but yet keeps them connected to the overall view

3.2.2. The simple act of adding a connection can trigger a response in the brain to associate and remember the meaning and relationship between these two items

3.3. A collaborative brainstorming tool

3.4. An online application utilizing a scientifically proven method that increases factual memory recall by up to 15%

3.4.1. Not only are collaborators brainstorming together but they'll also remember it

4. Practical Uses:

4.1. Innovation Management

4.2. Visual Thinking to aid creativity

4.3. Pre-project planning

4.4. Get everyone TO the same page through collaboration

4.5. Meeting Minutes

4.6. Account Planning

4.7. Concise overview of complex projects

4.8. Quickly and Easily bring new collaborators up to date