The Revolutions of 1848

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The Revolutions of 1848 by Mind Map: The Revolutions of 1848

1. Revolution in France

1.1. Reasons

1.1.1. Poor gain harvests

1.1.2. Disease

1.1.3. Unemployment

1.1.4. Increase in price of food

1.2. Situation in France

1.2.1. Still a monarchy under Louis Phillipe People preferred the earlier era

1.2.2. Limited Suffrage Only 170,000 wealthy men voted

1.2.3. People felt they cant gain wealth

1.3. Banquets

1.3.1. Assembly to protest Only place they could challenge government

1.3.2. Government had banned on January 1848 Backlash In Paris people attacked soldiers Groups Socialist gathered Hotel de Ville

1.4. News events in Paris spread

1.4.1. Telegraph system allowed information to travel Moved to other European Cities

2. German States

2.1. March Demands

2.1.1. Wanted thing like freedom of press

2.1.2. Wanted by citizens in other States

2.1.3. Reforms subsequently conceded

2.2. Federal Diet of the German Confederation

2.2.1. Constitution of the German Confederation need revision

2.3. Convening in Frankfurt

2.3.1. prominent people invited Discussed framing of constitution Future arrangements for Germanic lands People who were respected

2.4. Berlin

2.4.1. There were street fights King Frederick William withdrew troops He also rode through streets Was wearing black-red-gold stash

3. Habsburg/Austrian Empire

3.1. cultural and linguistic nationalism

3.1.1. Demands of greater use of Magyar tongue Replace Latin and German in Hungarian Kingdom

3.1.2. Magyar use in Administrative and judicial courts

3.2. Hungarian-Magyar kingdom

3.2.1. Powerful martial people

3.2.2. Dominated by Magyars Also other Slavic minorities

3.3. Vienna

3.3.1. Was a state in Austria

3.3.2. There had been unrest there Students parading supporting liberalising reforms Went to government building Presented their petition

3.3.3. Use of military force Citizens deeply alienated

3.4. Austrian Emporer

3.4.1. In March 1848 abolition of the Robot Obligation