purpose of music videos

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purpose of music videos by Mind Map: purpose of music videos

1. what is makes people feel

1.1. I asked a few people what they felt when watching music videos

1.2. Emotions

1.2.1. Happyness

1.2.2. Sadness

1.2.3. Angry

1.2.4. thoughtful

1.2.5. reminisce

2. what it makes me feel

2.1. Happy

2.2. Emotions

2.2.1. Sad

2.2.2. forgetful

2.2.3. calmer

3. Why do people watch them

3.1. To escape

3.2. To dance

3.3. To remember lost time

4. A music video is a message to the audience, entertain and the main purpose ofmusic videos is to promote artists and promote brands. But it's mainly to promote the track. A music video or song video is a short film integrating a song and imagery, produced for promotional or artistic purposes.