The Rise of Christianity.

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The Rise of Christianity. by Mind Map: The Rise of Christianity.

1. Jews come under roman rule

1.1. Romans take control of Judea

1.1.1. Jews allie with Romans

1.1.2. Jews helped to Romanize Jerusalem

1.2. Jews allie with Romans

1.2.1. Romans restore order in Judea

1.2.2. Jewish individuals were given religous control

2. A world religion

2.1. Christianity had a wide spread because of its values.

2.1.1. The emperor Constantine accepts christianity as one of the Roman official religions.

2.2. Christians started to build a new religion, they built churches, nominated priests and bishops.

3. The life and teachings of Jesus

3.1. Jesus was born and believed to be a prophet

3.1.1. was raised in Nazareth

3.2. Jesus' message preached and preformed miracles, which in turn spread monotheism.

4. Christianity spreads to the empire

4.1. The apostle Paul was origanally an opposer of the teachings of Jesus. He has a vision and then starts spreading the teachings of Christianity.

4.1.1. Romans started to crucify christians who posed a threat to Roman rule, any christian refusing to worship roman gods was exiled, imprisoned, or killed.

4.2. There's a portion of the jewish community that starts to rebel against Rome, Rome then sends an army and destroys the Temple complex.