The Rise of Christanity

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The Rise of Christanity by Mind Map: The Rise of Christanity

1. The life and teachings of jesus

1.1. Jesus was born in the town of Bethlham.

1.2. Jesu's message

1.2.1. At the age of 30, Jesus began his public ministry.

1.3. Jesus Death

1.3.1. After jesus's death his body was placed in a tomb.

2. A World Religion

2.1. Early Cristian chruch

2.1.1. A Bishop who also was a priest supervised several local churches

2.2. Constantin accepts Christanity

2.2.1. Constantin order artisans to put the christians symbol on his soldires shields

2.3. Discord and Harmony

2.3.1. In attempt to end conflicts church leaders sought to set a single standard of belief.

2.4. Fathers of the church

2.4.1. Augustid was one of the most important bishops.

3. Jews come under roman rule

3.1. Some jews allied with the romens and excepted thier plans to romanize Jerusalem.

3.2. One group called Zealots wanted to rid thier homeland of the romans.

4. Christanity spreads through the empire

4.1. Pauls mission

4.1.1. Paul was a jew whose hebrew name was saul

4.2. Jewish rebellion

4.2.1. The jews made another attemp to break free from romans in 132 A.D.

4.3. Persicuation of the Christains

4.3.1. Thousands were crusified burned or killed by wild animals.