The Rise Of Christianity

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The Rise Of Christianity by Mind Map: The Rise Of Christianity

1. Christianity Spreads Through the Empire

1.1. Paul's Mission

1.1.1. Paul was an enemy of Christianity, but them grew to influence it. He wrote letters saying Christianity should welcome all converts.

1.2. Jewish Rebellion

1.2.1. Jews rebelled the Romans. They were killed for rebelling and the dispersal of the jews were called Diaspora.

1.3. Persecution of the Christians

1.3.1. The Romans started to persecute the Christians for now worshipping Roman Gods.

2. The Life and Teachings of Jesus

2.1. Jesus Of Nazareth

2.1.1. A jew named Jesus was born around 6 to 4 B.C. He started teaching his religion around the age of 30. He stressed the importance of people's love for god.

2.2. A Growing Movement

2.2.1. The main source was the New Testament of the bible. Was written by Jesus' followers called Apostles.

2.3. Jesus' Death

2.3.1. Roman and Jewish leaders were concerned about Jesus. SO they sentenced Jesus to death. Christianity comes from the word "Christ".

3. A World Religion

3.1. Constantine Accepts Religion

3.1.1. Roman Emperor Constantine converted the army to Christians. Later the Emperor Theodosius made it Romes official Religion

3.2. Early Christian Church

3.2.1. Bishops supervised small groups of Christians. The apostle Peter was the first Bishop but was said to be the first Pope or the head of the Christian Church.

3.3. A Single Voice

3.3.1. Disagreements about beliefs developed.The New Testament was added to the Hebrew Bible, which was the old Testament.

3.4. The Fathers of the Church

3.4.1. Early scholars and writes were called the Fathers of the Church. Augustine taught the humans needed the grace of god to survive. He wrote the City of God would never be destroyed. The Roman Empire started to Crumble.