Soldier Transition Project

Soldier Transition Project was started to tell the story of Soldiers who seek out an education after having served their country in a time of war. We want to answer the questions: What is it like to go from a warzone to a college campus? What challenges do Soldiers fae adjusting to life as college students? And finally, how can the transition be made easier?

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Soldier Transition Project by Mind Map: Soldier Transition Project

1. Aisha

1.1. Website Development and Layout

2. Jen

2.1. Interviews

2.2. Slideshow assist

3. Ethan

3.1. Interviews

3.2. Slideshow assist

4. Tony

4.1. Editor

4.2. MAIN STORY Featured Slideshow

4.3. Video/Photography

5. Greta

5.1. Social Media

6. Brandi

6.1. Writer

6.2. Interviews

6.2.1. Soldier Q&A

7. Team Resources

7.1. Links

7.2. Sample Multimedia Projects