Why its okay to Sneak Food into the Movies

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Why its okay to Sneak Food into the Movies by Mind Map: Why its okay to Sneak Food into the Movies

1. A1: Saves Money

1.1. These days movie theaters are raiding your wallet."Look: no one wants to pay $4.00 for a small Diet Coke, but if you can purchase whatever it is you’d like to smuggle in" (Rawden).

2. A2: Their Taking Advantages of you

2.1. Big time movie theaters are in control of what you do for food options. They know that you probably didn't bring snacks so their thinking, Why not price em high and we can make some money.

3. A3: You get a Better Choice of Food

3.1. Movie theaters tend to have more of junk food than a general store, so sneaking in food you could bring something healthy. ¨the options at the concession stand are almost always junk food-nachos, candy, greasy soft pretzel. What if you want something healthy?¨ (O'neill 16).

4. CA

4.1. So maybe your thinking ¨Yea its not okay to sneak food into the movies because of rules or its wrong, Well this is what I think. It's honestly wrong that their over pricing their snack! Look who would by a large fountain drink for around 10 dollars! Its honestly better to sneak snacks because there, cheaper, wider selection, and just better for you.