G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery: Text Your Way to Deals

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G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery: Text Your Way to Deals by Mind Map: G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery: Text Your Way to Deals

1. Recap (5)

1.1. Recap of what we learned today

1.2. Watch the webinar again

1.3. Next Steps

1.3.1. Share your #1 biggest takeaway or aha moment in the Facebook group

1.3.2. Scrape / Text At least 5 listings every day

2. Intro (5)

2.1. Here's where we are and what we have coming up

2.1.1. The G.U.T.S. Method Masterclass

2.1.2. The "Agenda" Workshop

2.1.3. The "Qualification" Workshop

2.1.4. The "Close" Workshop

2.1.5. Bonus Workshop #1: The 4 Types of Strategies That Guarantees Your Profitability

2.1.6. Bonus Workshop #2: Text Your Way To Deals (with Yassin Shaar)

2.2. What you're going to learn today

2.2.1. Discover how to generate 4 to 7 PRE-QUALIFIED seller leads, PER DAY, for FREE - just by simply sending text messages

2.2.2. All you need is a cell phone and a number. That's it!

2.2.3. This is the ultimate "guerilla marketing" strategy you can use to get seller leads on demand

2.2.4. I'll even show you how to outsource the whole process for $3/hour

2.2.5. This month we entered 4 new markets - that makes it total of 9 markets & we're generating over 100 leads every single WEEK from this strategy ALONE

2.3. Ground Rules

2.3.1. Engage in the Facebook Group

2.3.2. Take immediate action after the call to start seeing results

2.3.3. Recording will be available after the call (we'll email it to you)

3. The System

3.1. The Problem

3.1.1. Sellers Market / High Competition

3.1.2. Marketing channels are not working as good as they used to* (Unless you're an experienced marketer designing your own campaigns)

3.1.3. Traditional marketing channels cost A LOT of money

3.1.4. So most people resort to either cold calling FSBOs or posting ads on Craigslist

3.2. 6 Craigslist Marketing Myths

3.2.1. MYTH #1 - Posting Ads Is The Way To Get Sellers Off of Craigslist I recently ran a survey research of 260+ investors & wholesalers to learn about their biggest challenges when it comes to finding sellers leads on Craigslist... What I found was shocking! 88% are posting ads on Craigslist but they're not getting much results They're getting more responses from other REI and wholesalers than from ACTUAL motivated sellers The few seller responses they do get from the ads usually turn out to be a bunch of tire kickers who waste their time Their ads never see the “light of day” because they’re getting ghosted & flagged If they do find one serious lead, it's usually too late as the seller is already tied in contract with another guy who was lucky to get there first... So they ditch Craigslist because allegedly "it's so difficult to get leads off there"

3.2.2. MYTH #4 - It's Hard To Find Sellers On Craigslist Data shows over 40 million new classified ads are published on Craiglist every month (Source: Statistic Brain) with the housing section being one of the biggest categories. If you go to ANY city and look up the real estate section (For sale by owner or Rental), I’m willing to bet $100 that you can find over 100 listings on the first three pages alone (real ads by real sellers, not other wholesalers)

3.2.3. MYTH #2 - You Need Some Software So I Can Post More Ads Posting more "me too" ads won't get you any results With hundreds of other investors and wholesalers posting daily “WE BUY HOUSES” ads on Craigslist, no matter how hard you try to grab attention, it's insignificant.. It's like pouring water into the ocean... Because psychology dictates that the user's mind has already assessed the ad to be non-valuable subconsciously - a.k.a. BANNER BLINDNESS Posting your AMAZING Ad won't change this.

3.2.4. MYTH #3 - Doing Craigslist Marketing Mean You Have To Cold Call Calling sellers without first QUALIFYING them is a total waste of time If you're cold calling, you're putting yourself through unnecessary pain and rejection. Ever got the proverbial "you're the 5th person to call us today, Stop calling us." ?

3.2.5. MYTH #5 - You Can’t Find Good Deals on Craigslist Sellers don't come to Craigslist to pass time or hang out with their friends. They’re there to make one thing happen: To sell their house and move on with their life! This means every seller on Craigslist is prime and ready to make a deal. If you give them what they're looking for at the right time & solve their problem, you have a deal. It's that simple. This month we entered 4 new markets - that makes it total of 9 markets & we're generating over 100 leads every single WEEK

3.2.6. MYTH #6 - You Don’t Have Enough Time To Do Craigslist Marketing This one is legit Cold calling & posting ads takes a lot of effort and a complete waste of time

3.2.7. So if you shouldn't cold call or post ads, then what should you do instead?

3.2.8. The Little Known Marketing Channel That Most of Your Competition Doesn't Know About Which single marketing/communication medium reaches up to 98% of the us population? (you should know it by now) The 20% That Will Get Your 80% of The Results This communication device is the least common denominator between you and the seller leads you want to reach on Craigslist. It's the 20% that could give you access to the 80% of results you desire. But how do you leverage it? Text Messaging Outperforms Other Marketing by 333% Compared to traditional direct mail which gets about a 20% open rate and bulk email blasts which get a marginally higher open rate of around 27%, text messaging is really where it's at with a 333% to 500% advantage over these old school approaches... What’s even more interesting is that another research shows that it takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email... But only takes 2 minutes for the average person to respond to a text message (Source: ResearchGate)... And I can tell you from the real world that this is true, because this is how I market to 90% of my leads on Craigslist. It's lightning fast.

3.3. Step by Step Blueprint

3.3.1. Overview Why you should consider doing text marketing on Craigslist This is where your prospects hangout Easy access to market The system Short & To The Point Built to Implement You can start generating leads TODAY Qualified Lead Criteria The property is in the targeted area Property is still available They are the owner They’re interested in our offer The Seller's Mindset

3.3.2. Have a target number of leads you need to generate in each week. Consistency is key Start with just 5 every day

3.3.3. Step 1: Targeting General Guidelines Focus on ONE area at a time Go after FSBOs AND Rentals Know your market (what are people looking to buy in your area?) Targeting Parameters Area Price Range Type of Properties # of Bed / Bath Eliminate Low Quality Listings use -ve keywords -realty -management -broker -realtor -company -investor -investment -wholesale Segmentation (Advanced) Example

3.3.4. Step 2: List Building Use HideMyAss.com to mask your IP Use the Lead Tracking Sheet to manage your database Fields Phone number Type of listing Address Headline/Caption URL Walkthrough

3.3.5. Step 3: Texting Best Practices DONOT sound robotic or you’re like mass texting, you will lose the leads. DON'T PITCH You have to maintain at a minimum 15% conversion rate every single week. Which means, you’ll need to get at least 15 leads when you text 100 sellers. Follow up is KEY and a big factor in getting high conversions and a lot of leads Qualification Criteria Call the leads ASAP after you generate them. The longer you wait, the lower the chances up will get a hold of the lead on the phone. The property is in the targeted area Property is still available They are the owner They’re interested in our offer Text Process flow Updating Your Lead Tracking Sheet Whenever you text a new listing, change status to “1st Message Sent” When a lead has been qualified, change status to “Qualified” When a lead has been disqualified, change status to “Disqualified” When a lead doesn’t respond after 3 follow up attempts, change status to “Follow up” When a lead says they’re not interested in our offer, change status to “bi-weekly followup” Follow up process Following up with leads is CRITICAL to hitting your target and achieving high conversion rates. We follow the mantra of NO LEAD LEFT BEHIND. Next Day Follow up: When you send the first message and the lead doesn’t respond to you before the end of the day, you follow up with them the very next day The only time we stop following up is when we either “Qualify” or “Disqualify” a lead, otherwise we’re constantly following up. Conversation Dropped Follow up: A lot of times you’re half way through the conversation and the seller stop responding. You’ll want to follow up with them up to 3 times

3.3.6. Bi Weekly Follow up: on the 15th & 30th of every month, you want to follow up with all leads with a “Follow up” status and that are 2 weeks old or more

3.3.7. Step 5: Outsourcing Why you should consider outsourcing this The only way to sustainably scale a business is to delegate & outsource most of the tasks So you can focus on talking with sellers & closing deals Bringing on a VA is NOT an expense, its an investment that should get you a return Where to find good VAs http://upwork.com http://freelancer.com Referrals Managing your VA If you hired the right person, managing them shouldn't be a big deal Track Their Metrics (Daily & Weekly) The 5 Min Daily Standup The Hurdle-A-Thon Hiring a VA can be tricky, energy draining and a big waste of time if you don't have a SYSTEM Hurdle #1 Hurdle #2 Hurdle #3

3.4. Step 4: Expanding

3.4.1. Once you have your Craigslist text marketing process dialed in, you'll want to expand your reach

3.4.2. 3 ways to expand your reach Tap into more channels (Zillow, Forsalebyowner.com) Email marketing Multi-channel marketing