"Should Kids Get Paid To Do Chores?"

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"Should Kids Get Paid To Do Chores?" by Mind Map: "Should Kids Get Paid To Do Chores?"

1. No, kids should not get paid to do chores.

2. Then the kids will just want more and more and more money for doing the same jobs.

2.1. “In a few years, she’s demanding a dollar for the same jobs...” (McCready).

3. CA/SQUASH: It helps responsibility, yes that is true. But no one should get paid to be responsible! And if you get paid for chores it is just like bribery. Also it helps the parents not have to do so much but they could still make you do chores without being paid.

4. http://cdn.scope.scholastic.com/system/files/private/SCOPE-120115-Debate.pdf?__token__=exp=1489000135~acl=/*~hmac=3efd691922e4569fb8b7a190a872655baead824efe31504643e8b70d59f96534

5. Because parents don't get paid to make dinner and drive their kids places etc.

5.1. Evidence: “Do you get paid for all the laundry, cooking, cleaning and yard work you do? I don't think so!”( McCready).

6. And if one week you are like I have enough money so I just don't get paid this week and won't do my chores. Then who will vacuum the floor?etc.

6.1. Evidence: ”Another problem is that if we pay you to do chores, you might decide that taking a week of is worth missing out on the money you would have earned. Then what will happen? Will poor Buster not get his walk?”("Should Kids Get Paid To Do Chores?" 27).

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