Fahnestock, Canada

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Fahnestock, Canada by Mind Map: Fahnestock, Canada

1. Pathways mediating BDNF regulation and cognitive impairment in AD

1.1. It's lower in AD patient

1.1.1. correlated with MMSE scores

1.2. BDNF in mice studies

1.2.1. mediator in learning and memory

1.3. BDNF gene

1.3.1. Complex regulation

1.3.2. Complex transcripts tissue specific context specific

1.3.3. In AD 1,2,4 and 6 ou of 9 transcripts is down regulated in AD

1.4. Possible pathway for BDNF down-regulation

1.4.1. BDNF mRNA is decreased in Tauopathies

1.4.2. GSK-3beta mediates Abeta-induced BDNF down regulation

1.5. How to increase BDNF expression?

1.5.1. BDNF injections can lead to hyperexcitability and epileptiform activity

1.5.2. continuous BDNF infusion down-regulates TrkB, leading to less sensitivity of receptor

1.6. The canine model of human aging

1.6.1. brains of aged dogs accumulate beta amyloid,

1.6.2. canine Abeta has teh same amino acid sequence as humans

1.6.3. Papers Milgram et al 2002 Cotman et al 2002 ... Fahnestock et al 2010 neuobiol, aging

2. Amyloid cascade hypothesis

3. Loss of trophic support

3.1. Brain derived neurotrophic factor