Case Study - Danebury and Butser

AS Level Archaeology

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Case Study - Danebury and Butser by Mind Map: Case Study - Danebury and Butser

1. An Iron Age Site

2. Lots of imported plants over 40 types of weed

3. Wattle and daub panels

4. Granaries raised of the floor - keeps away the rats - allows circulation of the air.

5. Building roundhouses required experimentation with the sloped roof, the fire location and if a smoke hole is neccescary.

6. Four posters might have been raised granaries. To test this idea several full scale models were built at buster ancient farm.

7. 18,000 Postholes

8. 5000 Pits

9. Hundreds Of Four and Six post structures.

10. Site experiments with crop growing and animal husbandry.