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MEDIA by Mind Map: MEDIA

1. The Influence of the media

1.1. Increased popularity

1.1.1. Televising games enables fans to watch their teams more closely

1.1.2. Constant access to the internet means you can follow your team wherever and get immediate feeds of scoring

1.2. Has changed things

1.2.1. In certain sports, the media has induced changes in rules or aspects of games or events

1.3. Pressure on players/performers

1.3.1. Sometimes players or performers feel the need to always win or score in their sport. Due to this, they often turn to drugs such as steroids to try and impress the media and avoid abuse

2. Negative effects

2.1. Bias

2.1.1. Only the really popular sports get much attention on the tv and in newspapers etc. This doesn't help encourage people into the less popular sports

2.2. Lack of attendance

2.2.1. For matches that are shown on tv, ticket sales often drop

2.3. Privacy invasion and attention

2.3.1. Sport stars often complain of too much attention being paid to their private lives

2.4. Demands

2.4.1. The media can put pressure on the organisers of sporting competitions to make the viewing experience better for TV audiences. For example, in a previous Olympics, the marathon was run at a time which suited TV companies, even though it was at the hottest time of day!

3. The role of the media

3.1. Television

3.1.1. A large number of sports channels to choose from All of them show the current sports games

3.1.2. Listed events cannot be shown, as set by the government

3.2. Radio

3.2.1. DAB radio has led to a growth in number of broadcasts from live sporting events

3.2.2. Radio broadcasts are much cheaper and only basic technology is needed

3.2.3. Radios are cheap,portable and easy to access public places car Homes

3.3. Press

3.3.1. Newspapers

4. Positive effects

4.1. Money

4.1.1. Media companies pay for the rights to show a sporting event

4.2. 'Education'

4.2.1. People learn the rules of the sport from watching it on tv

4.3. Role models

4.3.1. Seeing good sports people on tv and in newspapers makes them a role model for people to look up to

4.4. Inspiration

4.4.1. Media brings sport to people who may not normally get to experience it otherwise. This can encourage people to get involved

4.5. Coaching Aid

4.5.1. Watching professionals on the tv can help you see how a technique should be performed which could help your performance