Healthy Lifestyle

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Healthy Lifestyle by Mind Map: Healthy Lifestyle

1. Exercise

1.1. What can I do to exercise?

1.2. Play basketball outside

1.3. Jugging every weekend morning

1.4. Play sports

2. Family

2.1. How can I spend more quality time with the family?

2.2. Eat a healthy dinner together

2.3. Read at night before bed

2.4. Family game night

3. Eating Right

3.1. How can I eat healthy?

3.2. A lot of fruits and vegetables

3.3. Protein (meat/nuts)

3.4. Not too much junk food

4. Stress

4.1. How can I get rid of stress in my life?

4.2. Choose the right friends

4.3. Do not wait until the last minute to do assignments

4.4. Learn to compromise to make decisions with others

5. Help

5.1. Where can I go to get help on how to make the right choices?

5.2. Doctor

5.3. School Nurse

5.4. Parents

6. Sleep

6.1. How can I get the right amount of sleep?

6.2. Go to bed in time for at least 8 hours of sleep

6.3. Read before bed

6.4. Do not eat or drink a lot right before bed