Martin Luther

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Martin Luther by Mind Map: Martin Luther

1. Early life

1.1. Born Eisleben, Saxony, 1483

1.2. Studied law at Erfurt

1.3. 1505 decided to become monk after thunderstorm

1.4. Joined Augustinians and studied theology

2. Questions Church's teachings

2.1. University of Saxony, founded by Frederick the Wise

2.2. Luther believed he was a terrible sinner

2.3. Believed Church's teaching for getting salvation were wrong

2.4. Church thought faith and good works required

2.5. Luther thought Justification by Faith Alone

3. Splits from Rome

3.1. Disagreed with sale of indulgences

3.2. Believed it encouraged people to buy their way into heaven thus endangering their salvation

3.3. Wrote a letter to his bishop, 95 theses

3.4. Wrote pamphlets explaining beliefs

4. Pope's reaction

4.1. Luther told to go to Rome

4.2. Saved by Frederick, made to stay in Germany

4.3. Papal bull condemning Luther

4.4. Gave Luther 60 days to recant teachings

4.5. Else he would be excommunicated as a heretic

4.6. They burned his pamphlets so he burned the papal bull

5. Diet of Worms

5.1. Holy Roman Emperor alarmed

5.2. Frederick was one of his electors

5.3. Had to tread carefully

5.4. Meeting of German princes

5.5. Safe conduct to this meeting for Luther

5.6. Refused to take back teachings

5.7. Outlawed by Edict of Worms

5.8. Allowed to return to Saxony

6. Kidnapped!

6.1. Castle at Wartburg

6.2. Until stuff calmed down

6.3. Translated New Testament into German

6.4. Ordinary could read Bible now

7. Ideas spread

7.1. Printing press spread ideas

7.2. Lutherans

7.3. German princes and Norway, Sweden, Denmark adopt his ideas

7.4. War breaks out due to divide

7.5. Peace of Ausburg ends war

8. Later life

8.1. Died 1546, birthplace