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How to Get Instant Sales System Members by Mind Map: How to Get Instant
Sales System Members
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How to Get Instant Sales System Members

Step 3 Lead Generation

Anywhere Businesses Advertise

Sunday Paper

Make a List

Social Media Sites

Groups for Businesses

Internet Sites

50 Local Business Directories,

Step 1 Foundation


Read Foundation for Success

Read Traveler's Gift

333 Document


In Writing

Be Specific

Positive (what you want instead of what you don't want)

Review Daily, Track Using Spreadsheet

Step 5 Large Groups


Online Directory

Real Estate Brokers

Insurance Brokers


Step 6 Individual Clients

Focus On Niche

Small Business Professionals, Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents


Non Profit, Churches, Missionaries

Step 7 Work Referrals

When to Ask

How to Ask

How to Follow Up

What to Say

When to Say It

Step 2 Learn System

Use Yourself

Add Your Picture

Buy or Transfer Domain

Record Notes On Contacts

Schedule Reminders

Rating Prospects

Sending Emails

Tracking Results

Sales Process

Lead Generation, Introduce Our Service, Appointments, Demo, Close, On Going Sales, Referrals

Setting Up a Business

Step 1 Domain, Buy, Transfer

Step 2 Add Picture

Step 3 Add Email Campaign

Step 4 Capturing Leads, FCF/FCFS, LC Page, Our Library, CYOLCP

Step 5 Automated Marketing Messages, Set Up Promotional Message Per Holiday, Copy Each Email Campaign & Insert Promotional Message, Create Their Own Automated Marketing Messages, License to Print Money

Step 4 Introduce Our Service


What to Say


Where to Access Our Messages

Social Media

Direct Mail

What to Say

How to Get Envelope Opened