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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. Phonetics and Phonology

1.1. English Pronunciation

1.1.1. Entonation Music of words when we speak Strong form Week form

1.1.2. Production of sounds

1.1.3. Co-articulation effects Assimilation a sound becomes similar to its neighboring sounds . Elison The omission of certain sounds in certain contexts .

1.2. The Organs of speech

1.2.1. Lips

1.2.2. Teeth

1.2.3. Tongue

1.2.4. Larynx

1.2.5. Pharynx

1.2.6. Uvula

1.2.7. Nasal cavity

1.2.8. Soft Palate

1.2.9. Hard Palate

1.2.10. Alveolar ridge

1.2.11. Vocal cords

1.3. Production of sounds

1.4. Words

1.4.1. word Stress When one syllable is pronounced more strongly Nouns / Adjectives Verbs Words

1.4.2. syllables Is a unit of organization for a sequence of speech sound

2. Morphology

2.1. Morpheme

2.1.1. Free morpheme Root

2.1.2. Bound morpheme Affixes (prefix - suffix) Derivational morpheme suffix