My web tool Doodle

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My web tool Doodle by Mind Map: My web tool  Doodle

1. Erasmus students can use to helps scheduling meetings with others students

2. Annotation of tool

2.1. Doodle helps scheduling meetings and other appointments.

3. Key words

3.1. Doodle

3.2. Schedule

3.3. Meeting

4. What it is for in general?

4.1. Doodle is a free online meeting scheduler. It allows users to offer up a series of times for a meeting and have their colleagues vote on the most convenient time, date and place for the meeting to happen. This free online meeting scheduler makes the entire process of meeting organization less of a headache for those involved.

5. How ERASMUS student can use it

6. Examples of usage


7. Theory about tool - Study material


8. Control tasks

8.1. After get knowledge about this tool try to create a Doodle schedule

9. Discussion

10. Responsible person

10.1. David Rodrigues [email protected]