Religious Change in England

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Religious Change in England by Mind Map: Religious Change in England

1. Edward VI

1.1. Group of nobles actually lead because he was nine years old

1.2. Introduced Protestant Book of Common Prayers

1.3. Could be sent to jail if didn't attend services

1.4. Unpopular change^

2. Mary Tudor

2.1. Unpopular because

2.1.1. Married second Spanish cousin

2.1.2. Persecuted Protestants

2.2. Was Catholic

3. Elizabeth I

3.1. Virgin Queen

3.2. Protestant

3.3. Passed Act of Supremacy to become head of Church of England

3.4. Church teachings set out in Thirty Nine Articles

3.5. Everyone expected to be Protestant, if you didn't attend services, get fined

4. Impact Reformation on Ireland

4.1. Gaelic Irish suspicious of English

4.2. Old English refused new "church of Ireland"

4.3. Elizabeth's reforms weren't working, sent over planters

5. Henry VIII

5.1. Worried about who would succeed him after he died

5.2. Catherine of Aragon

5.2.1. Bears him a daughter, Mary

5.2.2. Is Catholic, Spanish

5.2.3. Too old for more children

5.3. The King's Great Matter

5.3.1. Henry wanted annulment because Catherine too old Fallen in love with Anne Boleyn

5.3.2. Said "she was his brother's wife first" to Cardinal Wolsey

5.3.3. Church had originally given him special permission Pope didn't want to annoy Catherine's nephew, Holy Roman Emperor

5.3.4. After long delay, said no

5.4. Break with Rome

5.4.1. Appoints Thomas Cromwell to introduce his policies

5.4.2. Made Cranmer Archbishop of Canterbury

5.4.3. Married Anne Anne has daughter Henry beheads her

5.4.4. Act of Supremacy Monarch head of church Church of England Dissolution of monasteries Didn't trust monks Wanted land and wealth