You Shouldn't Bring Food Into Movie Theaters

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You Shouldn't Bring Food Into Movie Theaters by Mind Map: You Shouldn't Bring Food Into Movie Theaters

1. Counter Argument: Unhealthy

1.1. Sweet and Sour Candy Has Less Fat Than Chocolate

1.2. New Idea: Eat Beforehand

2. Citations

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3. Against The Rules

3.1. Regal Entertainment clearly states in their rules that "No outside food or drink is permitted in the theatre."

3.2. Show some respect to the others around you

4. They Need The Money

4.1. Quote from"Jon Goldstein"

4.2. Movie theaters need the money to pay for things like clean bathrooms and even 4D movies.

5. Distracts Others

5.1. It's like bringing your own chicken into Chick-Fil-A

5.2. Some Foods can give off an excessive odor that distracts others