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Governor John Kasich by Mind Map: Governor John Kasich
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Governor John Kasich

Ohio R-Governor 2009 - 2010 contributions Total contributions received: $18,338,436   Top Contributors Ohio Republican Party $757,579 Plaskolite Inc $156,345 Summit County Republican Central Committee $150,000 Timken Company $142,270 Kenan Advantage Group $139,791

Money to Kasich $0 - $200

Jeff Risner $150

Candidate for Athens City Council

Ohio Rep. Terry Johnson. R-Portsmouth $50

Ohio Rep. Jay Hottinger. R-Mansfield $35

Greg Costabile $100

Mayfield Heights Mayor

Don Ellington $85

Newark City Council

Ohio Rep. Andy Thompson. R-Marietta $200

Tom Beck $155

Ontario School Board

Dewey Stokes $200

Fraternal Order of Police

Andy Appelfeller $150

Marion County Commissioner

Richard Waugh $35

Former Mayor of Heath

James Gills $100

Lake County Engineer

Derek Merrin $50

Mayor of Waterville

Pat Hiltman $200

Liberty Township trustee

Mary Galinas $125

Parma City Council

Ohio Senator David Daniels. R-Greenfield $25

Ohio Senator Kris Jordan. R-Powell $75

Christine Matacic $200

Liberty Township Trustee

Kevin Dunn $100

Candidate Domestic Relations Judge in Medina County

Susan Kaverkos $200

Former Ohio Board of Education Member

U.S. Rep. Bob Gibbs. R-Zanesville $150

Rob Lyons $50

Butler County Judge

Seth Morgan $50

Primary Candidate for Auditor

Jon Grimm $100

Roger Reynolds $200

Butler County Auditor

Lew Holland $125

Candidate Marion County Auditor

Sines $200

Money to Kasich $200 - $1,000

John Veres $250

Finance Director, Independence

Former Ohio Senator Jimmy Stewart. R-Albany $350

Gates $325

Candidate for Butler County Prosecutor

Gregory Wilkens $750

But;er County Engineer

George Kaitsa $250

Delaware County Auditor

Ohio Senator Keith Faber. R-Celina $500

Dwayne Wenninger $300

Brown County Sheriff

Ohio representative Danny Bubp. R-West Union $550

Anthony Core $250

Logan County Commissioner

Brad Lewis $889.74

Former Franklin County Coroner

Former Ohio Rep. Larry Flowers. R-Canal Winschester $500

Ohio Senator Kevin Bacon. R-Minerva Park $250

Ohio Rep. Randy Gardner. R-Bowling Green $750

Former Ohio Rep. Township Andrew Ciafardini. R-sycamore $250

Allison $201.57

Charles Schneider $250

Franklin County Common Pleas Court

Mike Wilson $375

R-Candidate Ohio House

Ohio senator Bill Seitz. R-Hamilton $750

Randy Thorp $400

Licking county Sheriff

Ohio Senator Tim Schaffer. R-Lancaster $290

Simon Leis $350

Hamilton County Sheriff

Robert Ruehlman $350

Hamilton County Judge

Ohio Senator Gary Cates. R-West Chester $250

Money to Kasich $1,000 - $2,000

Richard Jones $1,000

Butler County Sheriff

Ohio Representative Barbara Sears. R-Sylvania $1,000

Kathy Eshelman $1,000

R-Primary Candidate Ohio House

William Brayshaw $1,000

Hamilton county Engineer

Joseph Testa $1,000

Former Franklin County Auditor

Jim Henry $1,000

Knox County Engineer

Donald Dixon $1,750

Butler County Commissioner

Ohio Rep. Ron Maag. R-Wilmington $1,000

Dean Ringle $1,000

Franklin County Engineer

Dana Preisse $1,000

Franklin County Domestic Relations Judge

U.S. Representative Bob Latta. R-Bowling Green $1,000

Virgil Lovitt II $1,000

Sharonville Mayor

Dick Norton $1,000

Mayor, City of Green

Ohio Rep. Todd Snitchler. R-Uniontown $1,000

Rachel Hutzel $1,600

Warren County Prosecutor

Ohio Rep. Robert Mecklenborg. R-Green Township $1,100

Don White $1,000

Clermont County Prosecutor

William Roth $1,000

Fairlawn Mayor

Robert Nadel $1,350

Hamilton County Judge

Pat Fisher $1,000

Hamilton County Court of Appeals

Ohio Rep. Peter Beck $1,000

Money to Kasich $2,000 - $5,000

Former U.S. Representative Dave Hobson. R-Springfield $5,000

Former Ohio Senate President Bill Harris $2,000

Tom Ganley $5,000

Candidate U.S. House

Former U.S. Representative Deborah Pryce. R-Columbus $2,000

Neil Tunison $2,000

Warren County Engineer

Ohio Senator Shannon Jones. R-Springboro $3,500

George Lang $2,000

West Chester Trustee

Ohio Senator Tom Patton. R-Strongsville $2,000

Pat Manger $2,500

Clermont County Engineer

U.S. Representative Jim Jordan. R-Urbana $2,500

Ohio Senator Chris Widener. R-Springfield $2,000

U.S. Representative Kevin McCarthy. R-California $2,500

Ohio Senator Mark Wagoner. R-Toledo $3,000

Matthew Dolan $2,500

Candidate Cuyahoga County Executive

Ohio Senator Jim Hughes. R-Columbus $2,220.40

Drew Alexander $5,000

Summit County Sheriff

Former Lieutenant Governor Jennette Bradley $5,000

Patrick McGrath $2,000

Franklin County Court of Appeals

Former U.S. Rep. Ralph Regula $5,000

Former Ohio Senator Scott Nein. R-Middletown $2,000

Money to Kasich > $5,000

Citizens United Political Victory Fund $11,395.56

U.S. Senator Robert Portman. R-Cincinatti $11,395.56

U.S. Representative Jean Schmidt. R-Loveland $12,395.56

Joseph Deters $10,000

Hamilton County Prosecutor

Greg Hartmann $6,000

Hamilton County Commissioner

U.S. Rep. John Boehner. R-Greenville $10,000

U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi. R-Columbus $11,395.50

Former U.S. Senator George Voinovich. R-Cleveland $22,791.10

Money to Kasich from Political Party Committees

Franklin County Republican Party $8,025.06

Hamilton County Republican Party State Candidate Fund $1,689.72

Butler County Republican Club $200

Adams County Republican Club $100

Adams County Republican Executive Committee $500

Adams County Republican Party $250

Butler County Republican Party $1,000

Canfield Republican Women's Club $2,800.00

Clark County Republican Party $99.75

Coshocton County Republican Executive Committee $44

Delaware County Republicans $100

Greater Cincinnati Republican Women's Club $250

Green GOP $500

Hamilton County Republican Party $2,000

Harrison County Republican Central Committee $250

Harrison Township Women's Republican Club $25

Hocking County Republican Executive Committee $400

Indiana Republican Party $110

Lawrence County Republican Party $9,000

Licking County GOP $360

Lucas County Republican Party $100

Meigs County Republican Executive Committee $500

Morrow County Republican Executive Committee $1,000

North East Hamilton County Republican Club $250

North East Women's Republican Club $550

Northmont Women's Republican Club $50

Ohio Republican Party $757,579.91

Ottawa County Republican Women's Club $200

Ottawa County Republican Central Committee $500

Pickerington Area Republican Club $1,736.48

Republican Party Of Cuyahoga County $7,750

Reynoldsburg Republican Club $500

Richland County Republican Party $6,125

Sandusky County Republican Finance Committee $200

Seneca County Republican Executive Committee $500

Shelby County Republican 200 Club $2,000

Shelby County State Candidates $5,500

Summit County Republican Central Committee $150,000

Summit County Republican Party $25

Warren County Republican Women $1,920

Warren Republican Women's Club $500

Wayne County Republican Women $125

Williams County Republican Women $500

Huber Heights Republican Womens Club $25

Pickaway County Gop $50

Pickerington Area Republican Club $1,736.48

Republican Executive Committee $100

Republican Governors Association $4,700

Republican Governor's Association $11,000

Republican Party Of Cuyahoga County $7,750

Money from Kasich to Political Party Committees

Ohio Republican State Central & Executive Committee State Account $206